“He is a joy to listen to at training events-full of practical ideas, good humour and excellent at helping staff find innovative solutions.”

Rita Jordan, Emeritus Professor in Autism Studies, University of Birmingham

Who benefits

Local Authorities
Schools, universities & colleges
Nurseries, playgroups
Care Providers
Mental Health Practitioners
Foster Care Agencies
Parent Groups
Individuals with Autism
Mainstream Schools
Specialist Units

Bespoke Training

Jim’s extensive experience and exclusive focus on Autism over the last three decades has contributed immensely to the shaping of his thinking, beliefs and solutions. He strives to promote a contemporary understanding of Autism in contrast to the more common deficit model, based solely on barriers. His focus centres on considering the differences in Autism as a collection of strengths and opportunities that provide the scope to achieve more meaningful and positive outcomes.

He helps schools and organisations to improve, enhance and develop their existing skills and knowledge with a range of programmes and sessions designed for their particular needs. His level of commitment, drive and enthusiasm ensures that everyone attending such courses can take something positive from the experience and to improve their understanding and leaves parents and professionals capable of making an immediate impact on their school/service or family. In a lot of circumstances recently, some schools and services have commented that the training sessions and subsequent support has effected a more positive change in the culture that was in existence.

Bespoke Training Courses

With a belief that delivering the same training events or sessions to different services is both disrespectful and ineffective, Jim will often visit schools and services to ascertain their priority issues and needs and adapts presentations to suit prior to conducting a training session. Specifically differentiated sessions, designed around the specific needs of each situation is essential to addressing targeted issues.

From 30 minute sessions to full day seminars, Jim is available to address issues, promote positive solutions and to make all the difference to individuals and services.

Email Jim with your training session requirements.

Training Courses

Autism – An Introduction

Creating Learning Environments, Schools and Services for Adults that Address the Learning styles of People with Autism

Teaching for Effective Learning

Improving Inclusion for Children with Autism in Mainstream Settings

Released Back Into The World of Autism: A review of the last 35 years in Autism, what we have learned, what we have forgotten, what has distracted us

Working with Children and People with ASD

Addressing the Autism: What Makes Your Input ‘Specialist’?

Supporting the Communication Needs Arising From Autism in Education Settings – Theory into Practice with Jen Green Speech and Language Therapist at Communication Exchange

Ensuring Good Outcomes in a Classroom Setting

Improving Services for Children and People with Autism through Knowing Autism

Setting Up a Unit/Base for children with Autism in a Mainstream School

Making Services for Adults with Autism more Effective and Relevant

“Jim is particularly skilled in working alongside fellow professionals in the local authority context as an empowering and supportive partner. And he is an informative and entertaining presenter with an extensive stock of illustrative tales and stories to suit all occasions!”

Carolyn Brown, Psychological Service, Fife