Gina Davies returns to Glasgow

medica conference on autism glasgow 2016

“You have to provide an irresistible invitation to share attention and communication…!”.

 And then she held the Conference spellbound for an hour.


Gina Davies. Where? At the Medica Conference of a few years ago in Glasgow. Conference delegates (and the Chair) were then left enthralled by a powerful and practical presentation from Gina, at yet another excellent Conference. With the help of a singing monkey (don’t ask…), Gina’s presentation was a highlight in what turned out to be a wonderful conference. She described how shared attention was taught in her Centre; how those ‘irresistible invitations’ were made and how communication was made ‘worth the effort’ for young people with Autism. It had a big impact on me then and I have since quoted her on numerous occasions. See

And now Gina is returning in November at the Medica cpd November conference on Autism and also presenting a half day workshop! Read about that here.

This is not to be missed. These are the Conferences that make a difference.