“His kindness, good humour and
compassionate concern is just
one aspect of his appeal: he knows
autism like no other and is an
irresistible force of nature.”

Catriona Oates, Parent


Families can often need extra help in order to understand how to cope with Autism and with how to adapt family life in a positive way. Jim has worked alongside many families to provide guidance and support so that everyone involved in the family can reach a better understanding of the family member with Autism and can learn of the options available. Strategies can be identified to help acquire the best possible support for their child outwith the home and skills can be developed to support the child within the family.

Every family is different, of course, and Jim’s unique approach involves him meeting families in their own home and, if lucky, to make a connection with the person with Autism. His contribution to solving problems and ‘walking the road’ with families can often ensure that they are enabled to move forward.

Should you require Jim’s advice and assistance get in touch here.

Mentoring and Coaching

Over the years, Jim has worked alongside a considerable number of families and has helped people with Autism acquire new skills that can lead to more independent lives. The connections he makes with some families is built on trust, understanding and respect which many have not forgotten over the years.


Individuals with Autism may face many difficulties and challenges in their everyday lives. Jim works alongside a number individuals to develop their own strategies that can enable them to become more independent people whose lives can become enriched by being part of the broader community.

“We’ve been working with Jim for 2 years. Emma is now 6 years old and it was Jim that first recognised Emma ‘had the ability to learn’. Everyone associated with Emma up until that point couldn’t see past Emma’s autism and blamed all her behaviours’ on ‘autistic traits’. Jim remains an ‘inspiration’ to us and through his wealth of knowledge he ‘inspires’ us to fight for Emma’s development.”

Susan O’Donnell, Parent