“One of Jim’s greatest strengths of all is his humanity in understanding the needs of children with autism.”

Carolyn Brown, Psychological Service, Fife

The Importance of Education

Jim has extensive experience in education in Autism, ranging from pre-school to post-school placements and including residential and college education. What makes him unique is his enthusiasm and interest in ascertaining what makes all the difference to people’s lives, not just a difference in the short term. He strives to identify the qualities, skills and values that will make a specialist service for people with Autism and constantly challenges how practice and provisions can be improved.

Jim has worked closely with many individuals and organisations to build their capacity to provide the highest quality service for people with Autism. He has led teams to audit learning/working/living environments and their practice and interventions. This has led to very positive outcomes in creating and maintaining more appropriate environments, in improving practice and in ensuring better outcomes for pupils and service users. This approach has also been used to address some very challenging situations when other avenues have proved ineffective.

Presentations, Lectures and Training

Jim is an experienced trainer in Autism and has lectured widely around the world. He regularly delivers top quality training sessions and seminars on most aspects of Autism. He has lectured at Conferences around the world and has most recently been invited to present at the Autism U.S.A. Conference, Ocalicon 2014 in Columbus, Ohio for the fifth year.
Jim is also regularly invited to Chair a variety of International Conferences.

If you want to book Jim send him an email with any questions.

Classroom Observation

Jim is in demand in schools and adult services around the UK to carry out classroom/workplace observations, working alongside teaching/support staff and senior staff to improve practice and maximise the potential inherent in each individual with Autism. Again, his extensive experience of children and adults with Autism means that his focus can be on delivering positive and personalised outcomes. He also believes that this can be a very positive experience for both the staff and the person with Autism.

Improving Practice and Mentoring

Jim is currently supporting and mentoring key staff and individuals in a variety of services around the UK. Autism teams and services are often under-resourced and Jim’s experience in maximising impact and outcomes within existing resources is seen as very valuable and effective.

Bespoke Training Packages

Jim believes that delivering the same training events or sessions to different services is both disrespectful and ineffective. One size does not fit all. Prior to training sessions, he will often visit schools and services to ascertain their priority issues and needs and adapts presentations to suit.

Should you have any questions or require Jim’s experience, drop him a line.

“Jim is always very helpful and I greatly value his input when we are developing the content of our ASD professional development events.

Carolyn Fraser, Director, Medica Cpd Ltd


“Refreshing, inspiring and motivating.” “It was all very valuable information.” “Jim’s humour is great, loved all the anecdotes, examples and practical information which I can apply.”

Previous delegates at a Medica Cpd Training Event