‘I never want you to have to ask the awkward whys 

I always want you to have somebody by your side’. 

Robyn Steward, from her song ‘Panic Attacks’.

Robyn is, in her words, a person on the Autism Spectrum. She is also an Autism Trainer, Conference Speaker, Author, Musician and wearer of the coolest hat. I have shared a conference platform with her on three occasions this year and been blown away by her insight and wisdom. She is the author of a wonderful book called ‘The Independent Woman’s Handbook to Super Safe Living on the Autistic Spectrum’. It is a valuable and important book and I have found myself recommending parts of it to people with Autism, both female and male, to schools and to parents. It deserves to be read widely and I only worry that the title may limit its reach? It shouldn’t.

Robyn Steward writes about Women and Autism


I knew that Robyn was a talented musician and think back with joy of the day in Manchester when she took me on a search for a plastic trumpet! I didn’t know that she wrote and performed her own songs, however.


Robyn Steward playing her guitar at an Autism Conference.


Robyn performed her song, ‘Panic Attack’, at a recent conference.

‘What’s this thing that’s happening to you? 

The same thing happened to me’. 

Robyn’s story is thought-provoking and there is much we can learn from her. She probably won’t thank me for saying this but she is a teacher. The audience leave her presentations having learned something, something that can change or improve thinking.

She will be speaking at the Medica conference in Glasgow. This will be the fourth time I will have heard her in 2016. And I am looking forward to it.


And she promises to bring me a cd recording of the song.

‘I never want you to have panic attacks in the middle of the night’ 

Thanks Robyn

You’ll find Robyn’s website here.